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Mobile Device Adds, Moves, and Changes


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At Convenient Computing, Inc, we understand the logistics of managing the placement of mobile devices in large scale 1-to-1 K-12 installations. Our software provides for the systematic assignment and movement of mobile devices required by annual enrollment changes and ongoing adds moves and changes to your student user base. Our goal is to supplement existing Student Information Systems (SIS)  and Mobile Device Management Systems (MDM) with the niche information necessary to put the correct device in the correct students hands as quickly as possible.  Filling this unaddressed niche of device movement/placement is why we created KEYTools. Our innovative, mission-critical solution offers you better availability and improved efficiency in assigning your devices.

Convenient Computing, Inc is committed to creating the middleware necessary to efficiently manage the movement of your mobile device inventory. 

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For more than twenty years, Convenient Computing, Inc has supplied K-12 Education with innovative technical solutions to resolve  tedious technical tasks.  Convenient Computing, Inc has released KETOOLS our latest time saving utility geared towards helping K-12 institutions deal with the annual mass assignment and reassignment  of mobile devices. 

Our mission is to provide time saving indispensable tools to K-12 Education.

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